Sunday , October 25 2020

The Best Washing Machines in India

best washing machine

Leading a hectic lifestyle which leaves you little time to do household chores? Washing machines come to your rescue, to free you from any laborious hand washing, saving you time and effort when it comes to doing your laundry. With the advent of technology, a washing machine eases out your …

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Top 10 Best Smartwatches Under 5000

Best Smartwatches Under 5000

Looking for best smartwatches under 5000 With phones and televisions getting ‘smart’, it was only a matter of time before smartwatches were introduced in the market. Consumers today lead fast-paced lives, thus it is natural for them to demand more sophisticated gadgets that grant them access to the world within …

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Top 10 Best Phones Under 15000

best phones under 15000

The under 15000 price point is crucial to the Indian smartphone industry as smartphones are a necessity in today’s fast paced world, and thus should be made more affordable and easily accessible to the majority of the population. The best mobile phones under 15000 available today can easily give high …

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Why Has The AirTamer Personal Air Purifier Been Popular Till Now


Airtamer A310 Personal air purifiers are air purifiers that are worn around the neck, and which cleanse the air in the wearer’s breathing zone, eliminating viruses and bacteria as well as allergens from it. Personal air purifiers work by emitting electrically charged atoms called ions. The ions transfer the charge …

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Best Earphones Under 500 For PUBG

best earphones under 500

If you are seriously invested in the pathbreaking game of PUBG, you are not alone. Like most PUBG gamers, you must be on the lookout for accessories to amplify your overall PUBG experience without burning a hole through your pocket. The prime accessory in that list is earphones, and you …

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The Best Air Fryers in India 2020

With the best air fryers available in the market, you no longer have to worry about calorie intake and compromise on deep-fried food. Instead, you can indulge your food cravings without any guilt by using the best air fryers available in India. By cooking with little to no oil on …

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