Best Headphones Under 1000 Available Today

Are you on a quest to find the best headphone you can get for under a thousand rupees? Are you confused by the plethora of choices available in the market today? Are you on a budget of a thousand rupees, and need help in making the optimal decision? If yes, then look no further, as we have carefully curated a list of the top fifteen headphones under 1000 to make your choice much simpler!

The headphones which have been listed below offer value for money features, and at a reasonable cost. The list encompasses a wide variety of headphones, including both over-the ear headphones as well as in-the-ear models. It also comprises of headphones that are equipped with a microphone, as well as ones that do not. All of the headsets that have been selected are compatible with most smartphone devices, tablets and laptops.

The list covers all of the premier headphones under a thousand rupees from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. There is a wide variety to choose from in the market, but below we cover the top 15 headphones in details, weighing their individual pros and cons. Without any further ado, let us jump straight onto the list:


Here are the best headphones under 1000

Sennheiser CX 180 Wired Headphones

best headphone
best earphones under 1000

The Sennheiser CX 180 Wired Headphones is an in-ear headphone that comes at an affordable price. It demonstrates top notch sound quality, and the amazing bass of this headphone enhances the audio experience of the wearer. The audio comes out crisp and clear, even when at low volume. The noise isolation feature of the headphone is outstanding, provided that it is worn properly. The earphone does not tangle easily as it is equipped with a lock to reduce its length, thereby preventing it from dangling around. However, it has a few drawbacks. Firstly, it does not support Bluetooth. Secondly, it does not come with a storage pouch to put it away or carry around safely.

Sony 310 AP Wired Headphones 

best headphones under 1000
best headphones under 1000

The Sony 310 AP Wired Headphones is another exemplary choice from the esteemed electronics brand, Sony. The sleek and minimalistic design of the headphone provides an attracting look. The headphone is lightweight and is equipped with an inside-folding feature, which makes it convenient to carry around.

The sound quality is beyond impressive for a headphone at this price. The bass effect and noise cancellation features of this device are undoubtedly the best in this range. The lightweight structure of the headphones and the padding on the device ensures that no pressure is exerted on the user’s head, thereby making it extremely comfortable to wear for even long hours. The only con is that the plastic built of this Sony headphone might feel a little too flimsy to some users, and that it does not support Bluetooth either.

Boat BassHeads 900 Headset with Mic 

best headphones under Rs1000
best headphones under 1000

Yet another worthy option is the Boat Bass Heads 900 Headset with Mic if you are on the lookout for an in-ear headphone. The generic design of this headset is simple yet appealing. The quality of its built is robust and is without a doubt one of the best in the game. The ear buds are a perfect fit for the ears, which further enhances the noise isolation feature. The sound quality makes an impact, and the audio output levels are adequately loud, even for outdoor usage. The amalgamation of the balanced treble with its impactful bass improves the music experience of the user. While the metal structure of the earphones gives it a solid build, but on the downside, it does make it slightly heavier compared to its closest contenders.

JBL T250SI Wired Headphone 

best headphones under 1000 in india
best headphones under 1000

The JBL T250SI Wired Headphone is yet another viable choice among the on-the-ear headphones in the headset industry. As expected of JBL, the built quality is impressive and the headphone has the ability and durability to handle rough use. The audio quality is excellent with first rate treble and great, punchy bass. This headset will surely be an ideal option for watching movies, music videos and listening to your favourite playlists.

Its lightweight body and the cushion padding for head support makes it a comfortable headphone to wear. It can be worn for prolonged hours without any headache or discomfort. The only flaw noted with this device is that it cannot be folded away for convenient portability.

Motorola Pulse 2 Headset with Mic 

headphone under 1000

The Motorola Pulse 2 Headset with Mic is an exemplary choice from the reputed house of Motorola. The simplistic and minimalist design from Motorola is successful in giving it a premium look and feel. The model is lightweight in design and comes with comfortable ear padding to ensure that it can be used free of discomfort continuously for long hours.

The sound quality is incredible with good treble and even greater bass. The button functionality it provides makes it convenient and user friendly. It is equipped with an inbuilt microphone that has a comprehensive range and works effortlessly. It comes with a long cable whose detachable feature makes it easy to use. The only probable con is that it is made of plastic, which is not environment friendly and may disappoint some.

Skullcandy S2IKDY/KFY/KJY Inkd Headset with Mic 

best headphones under 1000 with mic

The Skullcandy S2IKDY/KFY/KJY Inkd Headset with Mic is yet another in-the-ear headphone option with exceptional features, quality and durability. The built is definitely sturdy, and the design offered by this Skullcandy model is appealing to the user’s eye. The flat cable of this headphone is tangle free as it does not dangle around excessively and restricts itself from getting entangled. The ear buds are a snug fit and are quite comfortable on the user’s ears. The audio clarity is crystal clear with minor treble and superior surround sound. The noise cancellation feature is of unparalleled quality, with minimum sound leakage. The microphone that it comes with, and its control button work flawlessly as well. The only downside to this model is that the wire is thing and a smidge fragile, and thus requires some careful handling by the user.

Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset with Mic 

best headphones under 1000

Another worthy choice from the trusted house of Motorola is the Motorola Pulse Max Wired Headset with Mic. It has all the features necessary to earn a place on this list. The quality of its built is quite sturdy and it is attached with a reasonable price tag. The ear cups cover up the ears completely to provide minimal sound leakage and enhance the noise isolation. The sound clarity is again brilliant with a balanced level of bass to supplement it.

The headset does not feel heavy at all and is quite comfortable on the ears for even long and continuous hours of usage. There is no sound leakage even when the volume is at maximum level. The detachable AUX cable and top notch microphone makes it a worthy choice. The one downside to it is the bulkiness of the headset which makes it difficult to carry around or store away.

Sennheiser CX213 Wired Headphone 

best earphone under 1000

The Sennheiser CX213 Wired Headphone is yet another in-the-ear headphone that is worth your consideration. The top notch build quality and appealing design offered by Sennheiser has succeeded in giving it a premium feel and look. The audio clarity is crystal clear with no compromises to the effect of the bass. The treble is flawless, and the audio distortion is minimal even when it is at maximum volume.

The wires of the headset are sufficiently long and sturdy, and seem to be highly durable. The noise isolation feature is one of the best, and the headset turned out to be compatible with almost every device. The only downside to it is that it does not come with a built-in microphone.

Skullcandy S5LHZ Anti Headphone

best earphone under 1000 with mic

Another exemplary choice by the electronics house of Skullcandy is the Skullcandy Anti Headphone. The built of these headphones is sturdy, and it offers an attractive design in matte charcoal black, among other colours. The ear padding makes it soft and comfortable on the ears. The bass adds extra thump, and makes it an enjoyable surround experience for the user. The noise distortion and sound leakage is minimal. The only possible downside to it is that it does not come equipped with a microphone.

SoundLogic MSD Edition HD Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic 

best earphone under 1000

The SoundLogic MSD Edition HD Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic is yet another excellent choice for a wireless headset. Unlike a lot of headphones, this headset from SoundLogic offers Bluetooth connectivity which is very easy to use. It has minimal sound lag and offers the feature of optimal noise cancellation, which makes it an immediate favourite of gamers and movie buffs. It is further equipped with an in-built mic, which adds to its convenience. All of these appealing features are available at quite a reasonable price.

Syska HS3200 Sound Pro Wired Headset with Mic

best earphone under 1000

If you need the greatest music experience, you have to meet the pro. The Syska HS3200 SoundPro Wired Headset brings out the best that music has to offer. Equipped with Neodymium magnets which offers a strong, powerful bass, the audio level that this headset emits is unparalleled. The headset is foldable and strudy yet light in weight, which makes it easy to carry with you no matter where you go. The soft padding of the ear cups provide comfortable cushioning, which can be easily adjusted by moving up or down as per the convenience of the user. It comes with a mic as well. There seems to be no downside to this headset, at least none that have been discovered yet.

Intex Jogger B Bluetooth Headset with Mic

best earphone
best headphones under 1000

The Intex Jogger BT Headphone is yet another worthy choice for a quality headset. The audio quality of this headphone is crystal clear, with incredible bass that adds extra thump to the audio. The built quality is sturdy, coupled with a sleek, attractive and distinctive design. It is equipped with an LCD Display as well as an in-built mic. As the name itself suggests, the headset supporrts Bluetooth connectivity as well. The only possible downside is that the headset is slightly on the bulkier side, which makes it a little heavy on the ears as well as to carry around.

Philips SHL3061 Stereo Dynamic Wired Headphone

best Wired Headphone
best headphones under 1000

The Philips SHL3061 Wired Headphone is a viable choice if you are looking for an over the head headphone. It is a stereo dynamic wired headphone with all the relevant features necessary to earn it a place on this list. It comes at a reasonable price, and offers remarkable noise cancellation that drowns most background noise. The only flaw found with this headset is that it is incompatible with Bluetooth.

Energy Sistem DJ2 Wired Headset with Mic 

Wired Headphone 2020
best headphones under 1000

Another worthy headset is the Energy Sistem DJ2 Wired Headset with Mic. These headphones provide 180 rotation and a removable cable as well. It is named so, because once you have these headphones on, you are the DJ. With its sleek and attractive design, this headset has been created to be with you all day long, wherever you go, so that you do not have to skip a single moment of your favorite music. This lightweight headset is easily portable, owing to its convenient 180 folding system, and can be tucked away without any hassles when they are not being used.

Skullcandy S2DUL Headset with Mic

Wired Headphone with mic
best earphone with mic

The last but not the least on this list is the Skullcandy S2DUL Headset with Mic. The Skullcandy S2DUL Headset with Mic is a value for money choice from the Skullcandy electronics brand. The built quality is sturdy, and the earphones can take a bit of rough handling. The earphones have an attractive design and are extremely comfortable on the ears. The wires of the headset are solid and tangle-free.

The audio quality is excellent with extraordinary bass effect and great output levels. The noise isolation is impressive as well. The mic is of great quality and offers a wide range. The one possible flaw found is that there are no apparent buttons for volume control. However, this can be easily solved using the device you are playing the music on.

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