Choose the correct IFB fully automatic washing machine for your family

IFB Fully automatic washing machine that cater to your family needs! 

IFB is a renowned overseas company that provides top-notch washing machines to cater to your house needs. Whether it’s a small nuclear family to a large joint family it provides good and efficient machines for your needs. The hassle of washing your clothes while working becomes a daunting task at hand but IFB fully automatic machine comes at your rescue. 

IFB fully automatic washing machine

Although it’s an overseas company but still it is a very popular brand in the market which has truly capture the heart of the Indian audience as well. It has given a tough and top-notch competition to all the existing brands in the industry.  IFB fully automatic Washing Machines is most popular for providing the best technology and specifications. These are stacked with highlights that give you the ideal wash unfailingly every time, it can deal with all your clothing needs.  IFB has been giving forefront innovation and technology in their washing machines which give extraordinary care to your garments at reasonable prices.   These machines are completely programmed, self-loader which come in front load or top load to make washing garments a basic assignment, in this manner letting you center around things that issue throughout everyday life. Higher the load limit, lesser the occasions you have to utilize the machine.   Each IFB clothes washer accompanies a few wash programs that help wash garments from sensitive to strong textures. These are keen apparatuses that spare water and power with the goal that you can run an additional load or two should the need emerge.   IFB machines complete the activity on the first attempt with the goal that you are spared from handwashing your garments later. Besides, IFB clothes washers accompany wrinkle innovation that will additionally lessen the errand of doing clothing. 

IFB front load washing machine

Before we go into the specifications let’s find out what is front load machines.  Users must have heard the word front-load many a time when they are buying the product. Often it happens that users get confused between the IFB front load washing machine and the top load machines and cannot decide whether they want the fully automated front load machines or top loaded.  Let’s clear the doubt. The front-load products require the loading of your clothes from the front side of the product. Also, you require less water in comparison to top load products. But these take a long time to wash your clothes. 

Specifications of IFB Front load washing machine 

  • It has been ergonomically designed. 
  • Better design, performance, and attractive design. 
  • The product saves water, detergent, electricity, effort, and are less noisy. 
  • More efficient than ever. 
  • The product washes the fabric with care due to its cuddle the fabric technology. 
  • Get customized wash programs that cater to your washing needs. 
  • Provides Cradle wash for delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, lace, chiffon, etc. which gives a gentle water cushion for no damage. 
  • Aqua Energie technology for dissolving the detergent more efficiently.  
  • The product is laced with 3D/4D wash so that the clothes are soaked thoroughly. 
  • Hot water cycles for cleaning the clothes and drying efficiently.  
  • More energy efficient.

Top load products 

In these IFB washing machine top load, users load their clothes in the washing drums from the top. It uses a lot of water as the drying process is different but consumes less time as compared to the front-loaded ones. It does not have hot water cycles to clean the clothes and hence consume a lot of electricity.   However, the mechanics and technology used to clean and wash your clothes remain the same in both the types and enhances with time and with technological advancement.    Read Also: Best Washing Machine

Specifications of top-load machines  

  •  They don’t require the client to twist while working the clothes washer, which is helpful for the old and those with spine issues.  
  •  There is no necessity of physically moving garments from the washing tub to the spinner just like the case in self-loader washers.  
  •  IFB Washing Machines use pulsator innovation, which cleans garments altogether and offers unrivaled washing execution; simultaneously, it is delicate on the texture.  
  •  The mark Deep Clean innovation with Triadic Pulsator utilizes a blend of delicate scour cushions, ground-breaking whirl jets, and mechanical focus punch to evacuate difficult stains.  
  •  Features like Aqua Spa Therapy are delicate on garments; Smart Sense prompts force and water reserve funds and Touch Controls make program selection incredibly simple.   

Specifications of IFB Fully automatic washing machine  

  • It has 800 RPM motor. 
  • The product has a crescent moon drum as its central and main feature. 
  • It has a ball valve technology which reduces the wastage of detergent and water. 
  • It has an in-built heater which promotes hot cycles for cleaner clothes. 
  • It does not have a stainless-steel drum. 
  • The machine has a digital display and uses roller wash as its primary washing method. 
  • It consumes 930 watts annually. 

IFB fully automatic washing machine price fluctuates and depends on the model you want to buy. Also, you will get it a lot cheaper when you buy washing machine online due to extra discounts and due to digital payments and vouchers. 

Specifications of IFB washing machine 7kg 

IFB washing machine 7kg
IFB washing machine 7kg

  • Suitable for a family of 4. 
  • It has a powerful motor of 1000 RPM. 
  • It has an in-built heater and hot cycles. 
  • Users can regulate the temperature for delicate wash. 
  • The product has 100 wash programs. 
  • The hot cycles remove the tough stains easily. 
  • It has the bubble wash system which generates a lot of air bubbles. 
  • Have an auto-imbalance system that realigns the clothes if it needs to be. 
  • It consumes 2250 watts annually. 
  • It has a stainless-steel drum. 
  • It has a digital display and Tumbles wash as its primary washing method. 

IFB washing machine 8Kg specifications  

ifb washing machine 8Kg

  • The machine is ideally suitable for 5 members. 
  • The motor of high-speed of 1400 RPM. 
  • It has wash care programs for different fabrics. 
  • It saves energy and water. 
  • Enabled with crescent mood drum and 3D wash system. 
  • Laced with Aqua Energie to treat the hard water better. 
  • Have a foam control system. 
  • You can add more clothes amidst the ongoing cycle by pressing the pause button. 
  • Laced with Tub clean feature which discourages the growth of bacteria and other germs by purifying the water. 
  • It uses tumble wash as a primary method of washing and has a digital display. 
  • Have a stainless-steel drum. 
  • Consumes 2250 watts in a year. 

Pros of the product 

  • It has a powerful motor of 1400 RPM which ensures drier clothes. 
  • Users can add fabric softeners while using the product. 
  • Users can use blankets as well in the machines due to its powerful motor and sleek design. 
  • Active customer service and warranty. 
  • Easy and quick installation no hassles. 
  • No tension of low water pressure. 
  • The water inlet pretty much fits every size of the tap 

Cons of the product 

  • The product requires a specific tap of a specific size during the installation period. 
  • With the front load machines, spinal issues can cause backaches among elderly users. 
  • Small water inlet lengthwise.  

IFB washing machine 8kg price ranges from 37 thousand bucks to 44 thousand bucks which depend on the latest features, designs, model, and the motor of the machines. 

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Specifications of IFB washing machine 6.5 kg 

IFB washing machine 6.5 kg
IFB washing machine 6.5 kg 

  • This machine may suit a medium-sized family. 
  • It has a motor of 720 RPM. 
  • Laced with LED screen display. 
  • Laced with triadic pulsator feature and 3D wash. 
  • Introduced Aqua Energie and Aqua Spa with these models. 
  • It has a crescent moon drum and auto softener dispenser. 
  • It also has a bleach dispenser and auto-balance function. 
  • Also laced with Aqua conserve feature which reuses the water. 
  • It also a voltage protection features which protect your appliance from high voltage fluctuations. 
  • Laced with In-built Wi-Fi and comes with Alexa. 
  • Consumes 630 watts in a year.   
  • It uses Air bubble wash as its primary washing method. 
  • Warranty for 4 years. 

Pros of the appliance 

  • It is environment-friendly. 
  • It saves time and energy as it consumes less electricity   
  • It has features like child lock, crescent grooves, and triadic pulsator. 
  • It gives excellent performance. 
  • The product has great reviews as it is value for money, 

Cons of the appliance 

  • It is too noisy as compared to other models. 
  • Does not have an in-built heater for hot cycles. 
  • It only has 16 wash programs. 

Specifications of IFB automatic washing machine 8.5 Kg 

IFB automatic washing machine 8.5 Kg 

  • Suitable for a 6-member family. 
  • Has a powerful motor of 1400 RPM. 
  • It uses Swirl wash as the primary washing method and this technique uses 9 unique drum movements for a better wash. 
  • The appliance has a 7-segment touch LED. 
  • It comprises of Tub clean, Spin Dry/Drain, and Rinse+spin technique. 
  • The appliance gives 15 effective wash programs. 
  • It is Anti-allergen. 
  • The product has the option of Hot rinse and medic rinse for a better quality of the wash. 
  • The appliance has high-tech features such as delay start, auto-restart, foam detection, unbalance correction, high low voltage, and extra rinse. 
  • The product also gives the facility for child lock and protective rat mesh. 

Pros of the product 

  • High load capacity which spares the user from reloading again and again. 
  • Less noisy and vibrates less. 
  • It is environment-friendly as it saves water and consumes less energy. 
  • 9- Swirl wash technique to wash the clothes thoroughly without damaging them. 
  • Excellent in handling high-load as its weight is 73kg. 
  • 4 years of warranty. 
  • Less maintenance. 
  • Due to the feature of auto-restart, it resumes automatically when power or water supply is interrupted. 
  • The appliance has been designed in such a way so that it works even under low water pressure. 
  • Suitable for a full-size blanket wash.   
  • Available at a reasonable price.  

Cons of the product 

  • Needs a demo for installation as it’s a bit tricky. 
  • There is no separate thing to put conditioner for clothes. 
  • There is no way to control the buzzer volume 

Difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic IFB washing machines

As the automatic word signifies, it means everything is done by the machine and the user does not have to involve in the process. So, in terms of washing machines, fully automated appliances mean that the product will take care of everything from washing, spinning to drying. The users just have to load the machines with their clothes and wait for them to get cleaned and get dried.   Whereas in the semi-automatic one’s users have to infer in the washing process and after the washing is done by the appliance, they have to transfer the clothes to the spin tub, to rinse them and to dry them which requires human interference. But these semi-automatic machines take less time as compared to the automatic ones  


In today’s scenario, these appliances are no longer an item of luxury but have become the necessity of every family. Every family has its requirement and these appliances must be brought to cater to the need of the user.   That is why IFB has understood the nerve of the user and has presented the appliances which serve the purpose of each user whether it’s a small family, a large family, or a joint one. The company has understood the need of the hour and that is why they have gone to lengths to provide the best technology to wash your clothes without damaging your fabric each time. Because of this users have given high ratings and IFB washing machine review   It is also important from a user perspective to understand the technology which is used in these appliances so that they can buy the correct one for themselves.   In this article, we have listed some IFB fully automatic washing machine with their full specifications with the Intention that users will take the decisions accordingly.   Hence, this article can be of importance and great use if you are planning to buy one for your family.  

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